Keys to choose the roof of a house.

duncan roofing company

The roof is an important part in the construction of a house: with it a space is closed and the effort is materialized. Hence its importance, especially at times when the construction of a house implies, for a large part of society, a more than important investment.

Therefore, before starting any idea or sketch, to decide what type of ceiling is indicated, it is better to consult a professional in advance. And best to choose Duncan roofing company.

The roof is the part of a whole and not a catalogue of parts to choose from. Define the spaces and style of a house.

Different proposals

  • Flat roofs: here the reinforced concrete slab predominates. Frequently applied to the modern and minimalist concept, with square designs, white cantilevers, simple pure lines and no cover in sight. They are also often used with pergolas protected by metal sheets or anti-hail plastic.
  • To one or two waters: in their covers they usually use galvanized sheets, plates or colour tiles. At the moment, the two waters predominate and with wooden structure with a roof of tiles covered by common or glazed tiles in all their models, as well as the colour plates.
  • To several waters. Very recurrent in the south of the nation, even though they are also seen in closed neighbour hoods. They must deal with several points: “the meetings between one roof skirt and another.” It is necessary to consider the necessary section of the support beams, the hippos, summits, valleys and in this subject, the drain ages and water discharges.

To consider

In that sense, there are also three aspects to consider when projecting the roof:

  • Climate: the first aspect to consider is the place and the climate. Known the proclivity of the roof, the water will be with no trouble expatriate.
  • Plants: Where there are a lot of trees, drains are often clogged. In these cases, it is advisable to use the flat roof with free runoff, that is, without gutters. In this way, the sheets will not be retained by any element of the roof construction.
  • Use: what number here is whether it will be easy to get to or not. That is, if it will be used as a terrace, then a flat roof must be chosen.

Within this option, several termination possibilities are found. The most ordinary is the patio with the distinctive tiles. There are variants, such as a terrace in the garden to gain more space in the houses where there is not much patio or background. Another option is the combination of flat roofs with sloping roofs, where the flat parts are used as terrace balconies.

Of wood

In the case of wooden roofs, it is necessary to take into account the type and quality of the material. Nowadays the compensated or multi laminated wood is applied in eucalyptus and pine, for its technical capacity, elasticity, and durability and, above all, because it does not tend to be deformed by the grain.

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