Visionary Golf Real Estate of Pelican Marsh

Designing of luxury homes within the golfing zones of pelican Mash is a specialty which the designers and architects have mastered to perfection. The specialty is related to the structural exteriors, comfort features, safety and security aspects, luxurious interiors and connecting paths. These parameters are kept in perspective while designing the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining rooms, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Golf Real Estate of Pelican Marsh

The real estate homes of Pelican Marsh Naples Florida are designed for picture perfect architecture. The design layout of every room is calculated with reference to the total square area of the accommodation. Adequate space for ventilation and natural lighting is an integral aspect which is perfected by the exterior architecture.

Design Optimization Parameters

The parameters of design optimization are initiated from the floor planning stage. They get perfected during the stages of space planning within each section of the rooms.

  • The entryway of the home is the space to which all the rooms need to have access. This aspect is given special attention due to the safety and emergency evacuation needs. In cases when direct access to entry way is not possible from the rooms, the designers take care of providing the quickest possible exit path.
  • The villas and independent homes at Pelican Marsh have large living rooms with connectivity to the other rooms. Single, double and triple bedroom homes with one or attached bathrooms are available at highly competitive prices.
  • Living and working space within every home are optimized with adequate room for storage. You can find multiple arrays of cabinets, shelves, racks and cupboards built into the walls of every room. The size and storage capacity depend on the type of room and the nature of required storage. For example the need for storage in the kitchen is mainly for the food preparation essentials, cookware and kitchenware. Bedrooms need wardrobes, linen and fabric storage space. Living room needs spacious racks for books and electronic gadgets. While installing the inbuilt cabinets, the designers have taken enough care to accommodate cabinet top surface areas. They can be used to install television, audio systems and home theater.
  • The architectural features in kitchens and dining rooms are integrated to provide safe food preparation and dining experience. Lighting, power and gas pipes, water supplies and sanitation lines are installed to ensure safety and hygienic conditions. Fully furnished bathrooms are designed with best of safety parameters.

Golfing Community

 One of the most attractive features of real estate at Pelican Marsh is the golf community. Absolutely stunning wooded areas and greens lakes surround the golf courses in this region.

  • State of the art training and plying equipment make it a pleasant experience to play golf with the community members.
  • The golf clubs have the most modern amenities for fitness, spa, food courts, ballrooms and advanced entertaining features. Weekend parties and community gatherings ensure freedom from boredom and monotonous life. Every moment you spend at the golf community of Pelican Marsh would be memorable for you and your family members.