Pros and cons of consuming steroids


People cross everyday depending on the craze that people have currently. Right from hairdos to dresses, people try to adopt what their favorite stars do. Some of them even try to build body just like their stars. This body building earlier started as a sport wherein, people build body and get starred in competitions showing their strength and body to a panel of judges. They would be ranked according to their performances. Later this body building became a fashion. Many youngsters and adults are interested in body building mainly to attract the opposite sex. It gives them a sense of awe to look at and gives a good appearance as well. Body building has turned out to be a part of life than being just a sport. Men and women are interested in building their body. Some follow a strict diet plan and exercise lifting weights. Whereas, some who wants to achieve faster results take steroids to build their body. These steroids do show results in developing muscle and body mass. But the effects that they have on the body are very dangerous. Some people do not consider these effects big and hence fall a prey to these steroids.

Steroidal positives

Steroids are the synthetic derivatives of the male sex hormones namely the testosterone. This hormone is said to improve and tone the muscle and increase the body mass. This hormone is produced in both males and females. In females, they are secreted less when compared to the amount secreted in males. This hormone helps in increasing the muscle mass in the body. When steroids are consumed, they boost the muscle mass by enhancing the quantity of testosterones in the body. Consumption of steroids though increases the body mass has negative effects as well. Steroids are also used to promote late puberty and hormone deficiencies apart from increasing the muscle mass. They are mostly used by athletes to improve the performance. Steroids give them the stamina to perform well in sports without losing energy for a long time.

Steroidal negatives

The physical and mental damage that is usually caused using steroids far overshadows the advantages of consuming it. It is believed to be affecting the human body a lot. Consumption of steroids is an illegal practice and the law has provided punishments to those found guilty of doing so. When it comes to the amount, then lower doses recommended. Athletes start with lower doses and end up in high dosages to improve their performances. Some of the effects due to consumption of steroids include purple blemishes on the body inside mouth and nose, irregular menstruation periods in females, kidney and liver disorders, fetal damage, unpleasant breath odor, fighting behavioural moods, mood swings, female danger, black tarry stools, unusual bleeding, inhibited growth, weight gain and weight loss problems, increased facial hair growth, sore tongue, growth of breasts in males, coarse voice in females etc. To prevent all these above-mentioned problems from occurring, steroids of lower doses recommended. People should be made aware of well in advance regarding the effects that consumption of steroids would cause.

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