Google Plagiarism Checker – The Best Friend of Faculty Members

Academic institutions all over the world impose very strict rules about plagiarism so that students will fear committing them. Plagiarizers can actually get automatic failing grades, suspended, or expelled from their schools. However, such punishments can only be applied when plagiarizing students are caught. For teachers, this can be a challenge since manually detecting papers for plagiarism can be a very time consuming and energy draining thing to do. Fortunately, a tool like the google plagiarism checker was developed to help struggling teachers in checking papers for plagiarism. With the tool, checking even just a single paper can only take a few seconds to minutes. And this is a major step up from the manual check. This is the main reason why the said tool is said to be the best friend of faculty members. And this article will discuss to you all the things you need to know about that.

The Google Plagiarism Checker for Faculty Members

The google plagiarism checker for faculty members or teachers is a very good tool to use for them in order to know which students have committed plagiarism. This tool is able to process a paper provided to it for plagiarism checking. It does so by scanning hundreds of millions of sources on the internet to loo for pages that contain exactly similar statements with that of the paper being checked. The result of the scan will be displayed on screen after a few seconds or minutes.

Using the Google Plagiarism Checker for Faculty Members

Fortunately for faculty members, using the google plagiarism checker is just a walk in the park. You do not even have to read some directions to use it. To do the plagiarism check, go to the website that provides the tool. After that, provide the tool with the paper that you want to check for plagiarism. And then click the button for starting the check. Once done with that, wait for a few seconds to minutes for the results to come out on the screen. The results will include the percentage originality of the paper. It will also point out to the teachers the specific plagiarized parts and from which websites were they found.

Advantage to the Faculty Members

The primary advantage of using the tool is that you can easily know which of your students have copied contents on the web for their writing assignments. The tool can also give the results instantly thereby allowing you to save a lot of time which would have been otherwise wasted if you do a manual check for plagiarism.

If you want a recommendation for a good tool to use, then the google plagiarism checkeris perhaps the right one for you. This tool can help you evaluate the percentage originality of your student’s written piece so that you will know if it has committed plagiarism.


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