Can a dui affect my business?


Booked under DUI? Io means a lot for your business too apart from the tension, the big bucks that you need to pay for medical treatment, the possible jail term and the fight at court. You have been booked for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving. This is because drugs and alcohol impair your senses and make judgments difficult. So, if you are caught, there would be consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are doing a job, the conviction may have severe repercussions on it. If you are engaged in a business, the conviction may impact it quite heavily too.


  • Driving license – as a first step the authorities would most likely suspend your driving license for some time to come. So, you have to either take a cab every day or take to bus, which is often irregular. This is bound to impact your business to some extent.
  • Professional license –You have a professional license? Like a doctors license, a midwifery license, a nursing license, a plumbing license or something like that. God forbid, if the authorities suspend your professional license for some time, you are in for some very tough time.
  • No insurance – Insurance companies don’t insure people booked under DUIs. Losing your insurance can be a big blow in America, whether you are in a business or in a job.


DUI for teenagers

Drunk driving laws in Texas are very tough, and there is little respite for teenagers. So, if you live in Texas and your teenager boy is banging his head to get hold of that car key, beware of the Texas DWI laws. Make sure he is not under the influence of drugs and that he does not speed up on the road. Also warn him or her to tell all his mates that possession of any contraband substance abuse material even by any one of them may land all of them in the police station or even juvenile custody.

Saving the driver’s license

Temporary suspension of the driver’s suspension almost always follows a DUI arrest or citation. Saving the license may become the most important task for many people after a DUI citation. DWI statistics reveal that almost in all cases the license is cancelled by the Department of Public Safety automatically. To save the license you need to file a driver’s license suspension case separately and that too within 15 days from the date of arrest. You need to make a Texas air hearing request within this time, otherwise the department will suspend your license on the 40th day of your arrest under DUI. The hearing request will be handled by a judge who is different from the judge who is handling your DUI conviction. It will also be held in a different court. However, in order to fight such a case you need to hire a competent attorney who is experienced and has a specialization in this particular niche. Such hearings involve various procedures and rules. The attorney must be aware of these and also be able to argue in your favor with conviction.

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