Injury due to a drunk driver


Drinking and driving laws are strict in all the states of USA, although the degree varies from one to the other. There are penalties prescribed for various degrees of offence related to drinking and driving. If you are a first time offender, there may be only minor penalties like a fine of around $1000, community service, suspension of license etc. However, if the offence results in an injury the penalty must go up. In case of drunk driving injuries, you may have to serve a jail sentence of up to 180 days. In fact, if your drunk driving offence leads to an injury to a second person or a passenger on board, you may have to put up with legal cases that may stretch to more than a year or even two years. Not only so, you may also need to pay hefty compensation to the victim or his families, if the injury is fatal. This is why it is always necessary that you keep the contact number of an experienced dui or dwi attorney with you. Representing clients with dwi or dui charge involving injuries calls for niche skills. Not all attorneyes possess such skill and experience. The Butler Law Firm has skilled and experienced attorneyes in representing dui or dwi cases involving injuries.

Personal injury

If a passenger or a passersby or a person in another vehicle gets injured due to your DUI or DWI, you have a tough time ahead. You have to fight two cases at a time – one for personal injury and another for the DWI or DUI charge. Such cases often drag for more than a year or even more than that. The first step in defending such cases is to find an expert attorney who has dealt with alcohol related drunk driving cases involving injury. He can guide you better than anybody else. Even then if it is your first booking, you may have a chance of escaping with comparatively minor penalties. If you hire a good attorney he may persuade the judge to impose a lenient punishment. However, if it is a repeat offence, even an expert attorney would have little to defend you, unless there is some really clinching point in your argument. In that case you may also need to bear a hefty cost to hire an expert attorney.

Repeat offence involving injury

In case of a repeat offence involving injury, it is almost impossible to escape a jail sentence. Nevertheless, it varies from one state to another. Some states like Texas have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving. If you commit the offence in one of these states, it is almost impossible to escape a penalty. If the offence involves injury, you may also need to serve a jail sentence. Some drivers refuse to cooperate with the authorities and refuse to take part in the breathalyzer test. However, this itself is an offence in many states. In these states, the traffic cops are empowered to conduct a breathalyzer test on the authority of an electronic warrant that shows up in their mobile.

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