For all soccer lovers amongst video gamers

For all soccer lovers amongst video gamers, there’s most effective one question each autumn: PES or FIFA? The manufacturers of each collection yet again outperformed this yr with promises and announcements. But as we recognize, the truth lies simplest in the (in this example virtual) area. It is precisely the modern-day capabilities that in shape splendidly into the rest of the sport. For example, the switchover recreation between shielding and offensive after a ball win or loss now works so easily that the inclined soccer fan clicks his tongue.

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The so-known as “PES Full Control” is likewise superbly applied. If you want, you can now freely decide each shots and ball assumptions at the touch of a button – this became already the case with the passes closing yr. A little exercise is needed, however as quickly as you get the hang of it, you may conjure up extremely good movements at the lawn. The AI โ€‹โ€‹of the shielding gamers turned into additionally revised, more precisely the positional sport of the protecting line, that is now primarily based on the ball in place of stubbornly insisting on its role. As a result, the shielding can be higher integrated into the build-up recreation, but now and again additionally gives the opposing offensive players too many areas. The keepers are also unrecognizable and in the end preserve their boxes easy.

There had been infrequently any modifications concerning the licenses and modes – from the Bundesliga there are handiest groups on board with FC Bayern and Schalke, the modes are Be-A Legend and the Champions League, Europa League and Original license and Copa Libertadores tournaments. Is PES 2013 better than FIFA 13 now? We will answer those questions for you on Thursday, September 20, 2012, at 7 p.M. – then we will post our FIFA thirteen check. And then we compare the two soccer simulations immediately with every different.

Author: Manuel Schmidt