2 Reasons Not To Use Wix On Your Site — A Short Wix Review

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  1. You Cannot Migrate Your Own Wix Data Elsewhere Easily

So that you get lucky and your site is doing well and you want to add attributes to it which aren’t supported within Wix, or want a significant overhaul. Essentially you’ve outgrown your site.

If this occurs it’s quite difficult to move away your content from Wix. In the event that you had a WordPress based website you can keep all of your articles and apply another theme, or even a customised motif (that is effectively a design ). Your website looks different but you do not have to reevaluate your own content. There is still work to be done when you change themes since they have their own method of different image sizes in different slots, but you may keep all your content.

If you think that may outgrow Wix, possibly a full web development is out of your budget right now, but remember to factor because possible price later on. Wix Is Not Free — It Might Be More Expensive Than You Think

Wix is a really attractive initial platform as the base offering is free. It is a sales technique that gets clients in the doorway. best email hosting use a similar procedure but Mailchimp doesn’t allow you access to automated email sequences inside their base supplying — this is an essential part of email marketing.

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With the free programs you have Wix branding on your site, and the little icon displayed in the browser bar will probably be a Wix emblem. You also can not add in Google Analytics until you get onto a premium plan, monitoring.

When you start adding functionality Wix comes with an’app shop’ so you can choose which programs to use. There’s loads of programs to choose from and many begin with a’freemium’ offering with much more performance so head back to this website short and factor in what you would like into your prices. It’s the price of websites built by users who may not know what makes a site really work, so it will not get found, or it does not operate well. That lack of performance is probably costing you business.

I evaluate this reduction of business to a garage owner who had a cheap website built several decades back. It could not be discovered. Every time a new site and business listings that are offsite were placed live he was overrun with work. If you envision he built that website in Wix (such as some of his competitors have) without comprehending the significant elements of search engine visibility, the situation below is a very conservative estimate of the amount of work lost:

Average workshop project is $200

Old site was live for 4 years = 4 x 10400 = 41600

That cheap website has cost him $41600 in lost earnings during 4 years.

In the USA, the ordinary vehicle repair price in 2011 was 305.56, and I could safely assume that more than 1 job per week is brought in as a consequence of being found online. You can then consider the total customer value that is continuing with road fitness tests, frequent servicing and more, it’s perfectly feasible to think that this website that is cheap cost him a good deal more than the face value.

Using Wix can cost you 317,782.40 in lost earnings. Find out why…


It is possible to construct a nice revenue generating site using the Wix platform. The difficulty with Wix is it makes it easy to create a website that you believe is great and it has given the awareness of having a website when that’s far from the reality to a great deal of folks.

Websites aren’t brochures and they should not be treated that way.

To bring revenue from a website you need to think of it as an internet presence, ticking all the ideal boxes, and spend money and time to get it correctly.

Can you afford to lose $317,782.40 in your business?

If you’d like independent help with your website short, or want a wellness check done in your online presence, get in touch today.

I’ve closed the comments on this post for a couple reasons.

  1. I’m not a web programmer the vast majority of my time, I’m a digital marketer.
  2. Wix may have enhanced a number of those details of the post, and as Wix isn’t my market its details.

A number of the smaller details of the blog article might have been superceded with Wix improvements, but complete my opinion stays the same as I’ve seen it happen so many times… For those who know what you’re doing for electronic advertising, Wix may be a fantastic solution, but should you use it to throw up a simple website without learning a bit about digital advertising basics and SEO you are inclined to be putting up a site which may cost you more in lost revenue than the money you saved by not hiring an expert….but everyone has different conditions and finances.

Author: Manuel Schmidt