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Hello everyone!

It has been some time since I posted anything here, however this Article was in my mind since the creation of my website! I would like to introduce you!

This new was found by me after viewing the movie Iron Man 2 Where Tony Stark wore times to those sunglasses. So I did a little google search and I came across the boho sun glasses brand site. The model in question is the All In and I immediately took out my credit They also supply glasses for several Marvel movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Spiderman Homecoming and Avengers 4!

But my relationship with this particular brand didn’t stop there. I Have 4 pairs of the sunglasses today and the hardest thing is to choose which ones to take when the sun decides to show it’s face

boho sun glasses


The first 2 models I will show you are oversized Because I have a big head If you find sunglasses to be small, I recommend this size. These glasses look great on Robert Downey Jr. but he is a small man and that I made the mistake of believing that my mind was the exact same size as his. The width of the eyeglasses of this model is 49mm and for the oversize it is 61mm.


The quality of the sunglasses matches the cost range, Except the Concept 2. The Concept 2 seems to be better than the others for a certain reason, but that is not a problem. I’ve had the pleasure of attempting 3 pairs of All-Ins and the frame is not always based well, but we’re talking about millimeters here (you can view it on the first picture). But these thick bulky sunglasses do what they are suppose to: make you look AF!

I Love their all-metal frames have spring Hinges, which I see on end eyeglasses. This makes them more comfortable to wear, without including pressure because the branches will fold around your head.


Since ancient times, people were wearing animal prints. Back then of course, hides and animal furs were worn to maintain warm rather than a fashion statement.

It was Fur coats and other garments made from animal skins as a sign of fashion and status. In the 1940’s designers started producing garments with animal print patterns with many famous Hollywood celebrities, such as Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe, being pictured wearing them making the people rush out to emulate the appearance.

Animal print is Trend ever since.

From Classic Leopard into Zebra and Snakeskin

Many of the top designers’ AW14 collections feature creature Prints, for example Gucci, Celine, Chloe and Givenchy. Once we become attracted to warm, natural tones, they function well in any season, but especially within the chillier months.

It’s best to adhere in print to 2 or one things, to keep the Look modern. Accessories like scarves and eyewear are an ideal way to try out the trend. Although you want to receive your animal print fix but appreciate a little bit of color, there are plenty of different options on the market, from pastels to brights.


Boho chic style’s Gist is that you embrace your free Spirit and express your identity. Bearing that in mind, this style’s versatility means that regardless of the year, you can add elements to your wardrobe to embrace your inner boho babe.

Since the weather cools down, however, and we move away from Vases and our floaty dresses the chic style can be seemingly more challenging to achieve. Therefore, how do we maintain that boho chic babe moving in winter?

  1. Make a statement with accessories

Accessories are a massive portion of chic fashion. Simple apparel pieces can be brought to life Together with the accession of announcement accessories. We love and stock an extensive range of accessories. Do not be afraid to go daring and big . Hats, scarves, jewelry, sunnies and belts can all shine as part of your boho wardrobe. A little attention to detail such as a head scarf or announcement socks’ accession creates a boho vibe. Never underestimate how much a stunning handbag or boots complete an outfit.

  1. Layer up and blend it up

Characterised by a natural and relaxed look while Maintaining an air of elegance, boho chic lends itself to layers. Winter jumpers, vests, cardigans, jackets, ponchos and coats are excellent ways to openly express your boho vibe during the colder months. Think diverse don’t be afraid to mix it up and mixes of organic fibres.

  1. Maintain wearing dresses and skirts

Yes you can wear dresses and skirts in winter! You could wear with leggings or tights under and match with ankle boots. Or research fabrics that are more heavy in skirts. Since boho style is about layers of cloth, this look can be complemented with long sleeve shirts, knits, jackets, cardigans or ponchos. Get creative and re-use your summer wardrobe.

  1. Colours make your vibe

Black takes center stage but you do not have To move away from colour. A part of Boho inspired fashion is to keep it natural. There’s something about those burnt fall colors of walnut, rust, khaki and brown or the moody hues of navy blue and grey that create an effortless boho vibe at winter, mimicking nature’s seasonal transformation.

  1. Textures

Natural fibers and luxurious textures like knits, linen, Leather and lace are certain keep you comfortable and to enhace that boho style And cosy in winter. Hints of crochet or Embriodered feathers or detail or tassels in accessories add a twist to Your winter wardrobe. Think mother Nature inspired and don’t limit yourself to jumpers. . .go on try a set of knitted kullots!

Author: Manuel Schmidt