Alexis therefore finds himself in the principal’s office

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It all started via social networks where Alexis, this high school student from L-ES, published a story at the start of the week on his Instagram account to tell about this incident.
What really happened
This happened Monday, February 18 in the refectory of the school. While Alexis was having lunch with her friends, a schoolgirl was shocked by the young man’s beauty. She spoke about it to her mother who, shortly after, made an appointment with the persons in charge of the establishment to lecture him.
The latter asked him not to wear makeup anymore because the student must ” respect normal codes and dress in an appropriate and appropriate outfit “.
An incredible wave of supportfunky makeup bags
Around him, the other high school students express their dissatisfaction with the decision of their establishment. As support, many students came to the school the next day with eyeliner and lipstick.
The post Alexis posted on his Twitter account generated more than 8,500 retweets and more than 12,000 likes. Some messages come directly from classmates. For many, the ban on makeup on pain of exclusion is unacceptable, except that it would be nothing to believe the principal of the school, Marie Lemaire.
A radical change of discourse
Since many high school students came to the high school makeup to show their support for Alexis this Wednesday, February 20, the management of the establishment has changed its speech. While Alexis had once again an appointment with the CPE, he left at the end of the morning more confident. ” She no longer has the same speech,” explains the teenager. Finally, she encouraged me to continue to wear makeup. ”
Alexis Bleu’s guest Tuesday, February 19, said he had received many hate messages. He wants mentalities to evolve: “ We are in a changing society, where the codes are overturned. Men have the right to wear makeup. It is an accessory. It’s art. I do not see where the problem is. ”
While this high school enjoyed a good reputation every day, the high school students decided to resume their demonstrations tomorrow morning from the first hours of class funky makeup bags.
More than 120,000 hospitalized patients in 2017 were able to give their opinion on their hospital stay. The care and welcome were correctly noted, however the meals served in the room and the organization when they left left something to be desired…
The French National Authority for Health (HAS) has just published the results of its satisfaction survey conducted with patients in hospitals and clinics in 2017.
If certain positive points emerge such as the quality of care, other aspects of hospitalization remain to be improved.

Author: Manuel Schmidt