How to get started on Instagram – check different Points

Social media

Instagram is very successful and continues to grow and inspire many social networks. It would be wrong to believe that Instagram is only for a handful of amateur photographers who like to share their photos.

There is a marketing challenge that should not be overlooked as a company. This photographic social network could prove to be a very useful solution to develop your communication and proximity to your customers.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to create a universe around your company and thus involve your fans in your world. Some sectors are more conducive to this kind of network, including sports, events, cooking or fashion.

Nevertheless, no sector is excluded in particular. Being present on Instagram is to share the dynamics of your company and to discover to your fans another facet of it.

Here are some figures that reflect the evolution of Instagram.

40 million photos posted per day

8.500 Likes/second

1,000 comments / second

100 million active users

  1. Set up your account

It would be very appropriate to extend your reach on social networks by matching your Instagram pseudonym to that of your Twitter account.

Indeed, buy real Instagram followers can, in addition to finding you more easily on Instagram, find you on other social networks where you are present. Plus, this will be useful in case a fan tagger or share one of your photos via Instagram on Twitter. This will increase your reach on both platforms.

Also, provide as much information as possible about your profile (biography, etc.). Be as complete and brief as possible.

  1. Define a content strategy

One of your first concerns will be to define a relevant content strategy. Discuss and think about the content you want to share and that will likely attract your fans. Be structured and do not publish in abundance visuals that could be of interest to users. Make sure that published photos are related to your business. Ask yourself the right questions:

  • Which photos could bring me visitors and thus make speak about my brand positively?
  • How often should I post my photos? At what times of the day and especially how many times a day?
  • How will I proceed to encourage my fans to be active and thus increase my engagement rate?
  • Which hashtag would best fit my business?
  1. Watch at the competition

Feel free to take a tour of the competition to identify the type of content that might interest your fans. Determine which photos are most shared by your competitor’s subscribers or which has been the subject of many hashtags on Twitter.

You will be able to know more about your future fan base and will propose a content adapted to its expectations. Share content that will make you talk on the web and encourage other users to follow you on your Instagram account. Ask yourself the following questions:

How engaged are their subscribers?

What kind of content does my competitor share the most and what is the content most shared by its subscribers?


  1. Select your most beautiful photos

The first step towards success on Instagram is, of course, the quality of the photos you publish. Quality matters over quantity! Take beautiful pictures that will likely get a maximum of likes and shares.

Users like to share beautiful visuals. So select your photos sparingly and spread them out on a day. Feel free to be active on Instagram without abusing and drowning the user in an avalanche of photos that could flood his news flow. Refer to point 2 and adjust your publication frequency to your content strategy.


Author: Manuel Schmidt