KAPTAR Environmental! Rodent Sanitation

We here at KAPTAR do CDA Pest control Services. CDA technique is considered important because of its obvious reasons. It helps us let the pesticide spray uniformly, stops it from converting into vapors which allow the drops to reach the bottom of the fields, saves the client a lot of money on pesticides as 3 liters is enough for a whole hectare of land. It helps the crops to grow i.e. produce more yields which in turn helps to generate more money for the client. Before we start spraying, we always make sure the type of pests we are dealing with, and then we choose the pesticide according to that.

Rodent Sanitation Services:

Rodents and mice are a big problem for us, i.e. when their population tends to increase then there is a risk of spreading the viruses all around so what you need is to instantly call someone for help. Someone professional so that the viruses may not spread like that of hantaviruses which could cause a serious health issue for someone. Mice and Rodents make nests in their urine and fecal waste so they are not sanitary pests. So, it’s better to get rid of them before something tragic happens. We recommend that you get rid of these rodents as soon as possible i.e. you should consider doing sanitation services after that because if it remains unchecked then not only the population of the rodents and mice will increase but you would also have to spent thousands of dollars on the sanitation services. One can say that he’ll do the cleaning by himself but we say that they should avoid doing it because they have not taken any professional class or training for that matter and if they try to do the process by themselves we have any indication that they might end up in getting the virus themselves. So, let the professionals like KAPTAR Environmental CDA Pest Control Services worry about the problem that you are facing.

If you are thinking that whether or not you can get infected by biowaste of the rodents then the answer is yes. You can if not the HentVirus you can get into some sort of flue or pneumonia etc. The time limit for getting a disease varies from person to person i.e. some can get in an instant and some take time but what the point here is to make sure to quickly sanitize your house after this disease is eradicated.

When we do sanitation of the area then firstly, we calculate the area that we have to sanitize and after that we remove the urine and fecal wastes of the rodents and mice from the premises. If the situation is critical then we may have to remove some of the insulation from the walls to treat the affected area as early and as properly as possible. After this we use a PMP HEPA vacuum to safely remove any rodent fecal matter and hoarded materials. When we think the area is cleared of all the wastes then we apply three products to complete the rodent sanitation service which includes an Anti-Viral Agent, Mildestat, and Deodorizing Agent.

Author: Manuel Schmidt