Lahore fort event blue world city

BGC ordered a Lahore Fort From Night Guided excursion to Lahore Fort for its Delegates, it was quite well organized event backed by Walled City Authority, Lahore. They seen Badshahi Mosque, SIkh Shrine, Lahore Fort, Sheesh Mahal, Summer Palace etc.. Guests were served using Desi traditional Sweet (Gajjar Ka Murabba), Khalifa Ki Khatai and Sndal ka Sharbat at a very Royal manner (Mughlai Design ). The Rickshaw driveway was awesome characteristic of the entire occasion. Each of the guests were astonished to see that the rich culture and history of Pakistan

Following a successful open day occasion of Blue Town Sapphire. MR. Saad Nazir CEO of BGC and Dr. Cui Yong, Vice Dan of Jiangsu University, China, Dr. Dragana Ostic Foreign Expert, External Affair, Overseas Education College, University of Jiangsu, China had spoke with Media Persons and talked concerning the future China Pakistan Relation about CPEC and investor’s confidence in BGC jobs.

Open Day Ceremony was organized at Website of Blue Town Sapphire In honour of the Chinese Investors, that was attended by enormous bunch of local investors, some notable political figure of the region and neighborhood residents. The Inaugural speech was given by Mr. Saad Nazir CEO of BGC and emphasized the importance of the job for the neighborhood area and Chinese participation in Blue Town Sapphire, later Dr. Cui Yong, Vice Dan of Jiangsu University, China, Dr. Dragana Ostic Foreign Expert, External Affairs, Overseas Education College, University of Jiangsu, China also addressed and informed the gathering that They’re very much suited to create joint investment with Blue Group of Companies. They also thanked for the warm welcome provided by Pakistan and BGC.

A warm welcome was given by BGC to our Distinguished Chinese Guests in the Website of Blue Town Sapphire Website @ Lahore.

Formal Presentation and debate regarding how our Chines Spouse’s interest are procured and rewarding in BGC jobs by Blue Group of Companies:

A formal demonstration was organized / designed by BGC in Royal Palm Country Club to be able to officially notify our Chinese partners who how their curiosity is procured and rewarding keeping in perspective the CPEC path, as the jobs have been designed prospective demands of CPEC. The demonstration was introduced by Mr. Burrair Nazir,” Mr. Sibtain,” Mr. Khurram Sameer and Mr. Zahid Amin. An extensive SWOT analysis was granted by all speakers into the distinguished guests. From the question replies session Chinese questions were addressed from the BGC Management at a really decent method. A scrumptious dinner was served following the presentation.

Chinese Delegate seen the Head Office of BGC.

Chines Delegate seen the Head Office of BGC, in which they Were given a warm welcome from the CEO of the Group Mr. Saad Nazir and asked them about the various branch of this Group such as Architect & Design & Construction Division, Printing, Fashion, l Super Store and Real Estate Division.

Chinese took keen interest in most of the regions and applauded The professional and organized approach of Mr. Saad Nazir and were impressed by how all of the jobs were arranged and co-ordinated under a single roof

Chinese entrepreneurs / Investors came at Pakistan in continuation of the Meetings with BGC counterpart at China for Joint Venture at the Projects of Blue Town (Sapphire) Lahore and Blue World City, Islamabad to accommodate future demands of CPEC. Guests were obtained by Mr. Burrair Nazir, Director and officials of BGC.

Dr. Hassnain Javaid, (Federal Adviser, Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center worked under Ministry of Industries and Production, also called Foreign Research Associate for Center of Excellence, China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Islamabad, presently deputed by Authorities in China for both Industrial Engineering and CPEC related jobs )

Meets Dr. Regan Lee, (Director General Zhenjiang National University of Science and Technology Park, China )Dr. Zhenjiang functions for authorities of China and revealed full interest in creating Technology Parks at Project Blue World City — INSHA-ALLAH.

Mr. Saad Nazir CEO BGC, Meeting with Mr. Chen Jingmin, Mayor Of all Jininh City, Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China, for growth of friendly town in chakri, Agro agriculture and industrial zones

Mr. Saad Nazir CEO BGC, Meeting with Mr. Chang, Chinese Multistory Apartment construction programmer for development of website of Apartments at Blue World City Islamabad, INSH-ALLAH!

Dinner at a Muslim Restaurant with chinese Presents – Tianjin China

Mr Qu Yibin Chairman of shan jian municipal Engineering Corporation china and Best Management of Blue world city Islamabad collectively putting initial brick of masjid and corporate office in Blue World city’s website

Ground Breaking Ceremony of corporate office in website blue world city

Alhamdulillah with the boon of Mighty Allah Tala, Blue World City Islamabad office operations have started. The office is currently open for our esteemed clientele.

Inspired by RDA, Blue World City is an Exuberant Home Project situated at a really prime place in Islamabad. Residential/Plots and Farm Houses are readily available.

Author: Manuel Schmidt