Kate Middleton Broke a Major Tradition When She Wore This Outfit

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At Lahore Today, on the next Full afternoon of the imperial tour of Pakistan, Prince William and

Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Lahore by airplane.  

Loose trousers by Rang Rasiya with a shawl by rang rasiya and $312 Lucie pumps by J. Crew.  She also carried a clutch bag by Mulberry England.  

But while sticklers for Tradition might be horrified to find out she was wearing white after Labor Day, she carried off the ensemble with aplomb, and it’s unlikely that many people either observed or cared.  

The few met the children and Kate made a speech.  

The couple have a hectic schedule Today, ahead of them.  They’ll pay a visit to the Badshahi Mosque, in which they’ll attend an interfaith meeting and tour.  

rang rasiya

Connected They will then attend a cricket Showcase in the National Academy, where they will meet with a few renowned international cricketers and might have a go at the game.  

Royal watchers may remember that Middleton

Joined a cricket game when she visited India, for which she wore lace vases.  Her J.Crew pumps will probably not pass muster, so all eyes will be on

the duchess’ feet later on.  close-up of the duchess’ J.Crew pumps, Lahore, Pakistan.  

CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCKThe couple visited with the yesterday 

Himalayan foothills in northern Pakistan, where Kate wore a traditional Chitrali hat and cloak very similar to those Princess Diana wore for her visit in 1991.  But she later switched to a more vibrant version with a feather at spring’20’s favourite color of hot pink. CorrectionWe previously said Kate’s Pumps were Gianvito Rossi; they’re actually J.Crew.   

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Author: Manuel Schmidt