The Expert Real Estate Seller is the one who helps to buy

The expert real estate seller, sadly, becomes an expert suffering many defeats. Personally, We at Sky Marketing have learned from experience many techniques and processes of real estate sales that I could have discovered from other professionals or with good training. However, I did not have that luck and has learned to sell real estate based on observation, perseverance, faith and losing many sales.

Nowadays it is easier to find suitable real estate training and good professionals who act as mentors or coach for other sellers that start in this sector. Coaches are necessary in this sector. The good coach, the expert real estate salesman, is the only one who will teach you what the real estate management courses do NOT tell you.

The expert real estate seller is, because he is able to influence the purchase decisions of his client. It influences for the client to make a decision of whether a certain property is suitable for him / her or not. The expert seller does not sell real estate, sells his brand. He / she sells at the same time that helps to buy.

A real estate agent becomes an expert after having had some experience in the sector, having acquired good training and having implemented a plan to become an expert.

Being different is what characterizes the expert real estate seller . When a person calls a real estate agency or an agent, taking an interest in a property they have seen online, they know, after a few minutes, whether they are talking to an expert or not. He does not intend to find him, he does not look for him, but he immediately notices that the person who has answered his call is different.

It expresses itself differently, its tone of voice is different, its approach when answering the call is different and it is capable of generating credibility in less than 5 minutes on the phone. The expert agent is always interested in knowing what the client “feels” at that time and from there, he begins to develop his sales strategy.

The most surprising thing, (secretly and pleasantly) , to the clients who come into contact with an expert real estate seller is that they do not try to sell the property because they have requested information; It helps them buy by providing information they didn’t know.

Let’s see what are the main steps to be followed by a real estate agent who is already competent in his work at an expert real estate seller.


“NOTE: You cannot be an expert in something without mastering the activity that takes place more or less well. Becoming an expert is like going up to the third level . You go from being a beginner to being competent and from there to being an expert. To reach this level does not mean that you have to accumulate years of experience. You can become an expert real estate seller in less than 2 years if you take the right path. “

The Steps to Become an Expert Real Estate Seller.

We start from the basis that the real estate agent already has experience in the sector and wants to become an expert for 2 main reasons : 1.- he wants to get more satisfaction from his job and 2.- he wants to earn more money with less effort.

To achieve these 2 objectives, prepare an action plan that consists of:

1.- Decide what will become an expert . Your options are: to be an expert in a type of real estate product, (luxury homes, commercial premises, etc.) or in a particular market, (British market, rental market, residence for the elderly) . It will make its decision based on demand and supply in that market and personal preferences.

2.- To be trained and informed in that niche market in which you have chosen to be an expert to master it better than anyone and know what few or no one knows.

3.- Find the right training in online marketing and real estate sales to improve their skills and knowledge of recruitment and transfer them to their niche market. He knows that having a coach is not essential to become an expert, but having him for a while will accelerate his learning and achieve his goals first.

4.- Prepare your personal brand image or brandin g . A brand or branding that shows its potential customers that it is an expert in that product or in that market.

5.- Prepare a personal business plan that indicates the route to follow. A plan where you will expose your objectives and how to achieve them. Where it will include a schedule that will detail step by step what to do, when to do it and why you should do it to achieve your goals.

These are the 5 general points on which a competent real estate agent should work, to become an expert real estate seller. Obviously, each of the above areas has its own plan and development.

Of all the previous points, perhaps the one that contains the greatest confusion is that of creating a personal brand; not because of its difficulty, but because many believe that a personal brand is more a matter of advertising creativity than anything else. This is not the case and then I will explain why.

 The Expert Real Estate Seller Sells Your Personal Brand.

When selling a personal brand, something unique, different and of quality is sold . The expert focuses on helping to make a good decision as soon as possible. This is its function. This is the professional who helping to buy is how he sells several properties or properties a month, every month because he acts as an advisor . This type of professionals does not lack clients. Most get them through references.

This kind of professional tends to work for himself or herself, because he knows that his ideas and his way of negotiating do not fit the concept that 80% of the agencies and developers have of the real estate business.

Let’s see how expert real estate agents sell their personal brand to help make decisions:

1.- Your personal brand or branding develops emotional values . These emotional values ​​are transmitted by the real estate expert selling benefits and not features. Develop emotional values ​​by linking the property to the interests of the client e.g. a client from Islamabad will most probably will be interested in buying a house in Islamabad or housing societies nearby such as Blue World City. He knows very well that a property requires emotional values ​​to be bought and that is why he analyzes a property very well in search of those emotional benefits before putting it on sale.

As a consequence, the expert real estate agent is perceived by his client as a person who cares about “the feelings” of others. Being perceived in this way involves work.

2.- Your personal brand facilitates the purchase choice. Your personal brand, he / she, focuses on educating the client. It makes him raise questions that the client had not yet raised in the search for his home. The way in which the client sees life determines his predisposition to acquire a specific property. For this reason, the expert real estate salesman knows how to ask questions and listen to discover how his client thinks and sees the world.

As a consequence, the real estate agent is perceived as someone who cares about the interests of the client and who is really interested in helping to buy.

 3.- Your personal brand transmits value and security. The real estate expert is aware at all times that the purchase of a property involves the transaction of an amount of money much higher than the usual purchase of a product or service. He / she is there to support the customer’s purchase decision , justify its value, (not its price), with emotional concepts and at the same time justify their professional fees to the owners.

As a consequence, the expert real estate agent is perceived as a professional who develops a good job for which he charges a fair fee.

The Expert Real Estate Seller Acquires a Different Attitude.

By developing a personal brand, you develop a sales process and personal sales techniques. The main feature of the personal brand of an expert real estate agent is its attitude towards clients. His way of seeing real estate sales as a support service to his clients.

This approach modifies their sales techniques, and their way of attracting customers and properties. An approach that makes him be perceived as an expert by his potential clients, even before they contact him / her.

This perception in potential clients and differentiation of competition is achieved by carrying out certain activities that the expert real estate seller already has included and programmed in his plan. Activities, among others, such as the following:


1.- Put into practice the principles of real estate neuromarketing with your potential clients.

2.- Maintains a blog where he publishes weekly and feeds his personal brand.

3.- Maintains a YouTube channel in which it provides quality information to its potential clients and continues to feed their personal image.

4.- Master real estate telemarketing . He always works with a script and does not improvise anything. By phone it differs from its competition as the day of the night.

5.- Its main strategy of attracting and selling is real estate content marketing . Edit ebooks, articles and informative videos and use email marketing to build credibility.

6.- As an expert in a real estate product or in a market, your target audience is well defined to which it arrives continuously in an appropriate way through its online marketing strategies.

Becoming an expert real estate seller means specializing in a product or a market. Know what few or no one knows and use that information to reach your potential buyers.

One of the biggest advantages of being an expert real estate seller , in being large in a market that can even be small, is that after a short time acting as an expert your own clients will begin to refer you to other potential clients. You will never lack customers and you will have access to business opportunities that hardly appear when you are just a competent real estate agent.

I would be grateful if you would leave us a comment on this article. Do you think you are in the situation of starting a plan to become an expert real estate seller ? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

Author: Manuel Schmidt