What is a real estate consultant? + The functions of real estate consultants

As a real estate professional, it is likely that you have used the terms real estate agent and real estate consultant interchangeably. Regardless of how you consider yourself, it is true that the second of the terms deserves a review to determine exactly their definition and functions.

What is a real estate consultant ?, Definition

The Royal Academy of Language defines a real estate consultant as “Expert person in a subject on which he advises professionally”.

From our point of view it is a perfect definition of the role of a real estate consultant, since, as we have commented on many occasions, the market has changed a lot since the real estate crisis.

If you remember the ravages caused by the bursting of the bubble, those who learned something discovered a devastating reality: housing can fall in price.

This conclusion also draws the experience that the real estate professional must change the functions he has traditionally assumed and become something new.

But what does the new scenario after the real estate crisis demand?

The new user of the agencies is better informed, thanks above all to the internet and to the web page, where he has found a powerful tool that allows him to know the price of properties similar to his without leaving his home. For this reason, if you are a manager, a real estate agent or you have a real estate agency it is very important to have a good web design for real estate adapted to the mobile.

In addition, the wide range of the  best real estate portal of Capital Smart City islamabad allows you to advertise your property without the need for intermediation offered by the traditional real estate agent.

This is where the figure of the real estate consultant appears, a professional expert in the field that advises buyers and sellers who want to enter the market.

Roles of real estate consultants

If the landscape has changed and former agents must become real estate consultants, it is logical to assume that there has also been a change in the functions of the real estate consultant.

You have thought well! The new professional emerged from the real estate crisis fulfills many of the functions of yesteryear, to which the changes in the consumer profile have been added.

Expert advice from a professional like agents of property for sale


As experts in real estate marketing strategies, we know our field well. We know how to advise real estate agents who are looking for our services about what is best for them.

Thus, the real estate consultant knows his sector better than anyone, because he spends many hours a day in contact with buyers and sellers. Know perfectly what some are looking for and what others offer.

Being able to extract valuable advice from everyday experience is one of the functions of the real estate consultant.

It is not about contacting properties for sale with people who want to buy houses. It’s something more. It is to advise those who are looking for a home about what is most suitable for them and it is to carry out an important work of pedagogy with those who intend to sell so that the operation comes to fruition when before.

Listen to the client

It’s not that real estate agents don’t know how to listen and the advisors do, it’s not about that.

The point is that the new real estate user is more demanding than ever, and thinks a lot about the decisions he makes.

That is why the real estate consultant who wants to succeed in the sector must take this circumstance into account, because it can only be effective if it is able to identify with the client’s needs.

Negotiate, always!

The times of buying crazy are over knowing that soon the property will change hands and leave us a good surplus as a reward for having taken advantage of an opportunity.

Although the real estate business is accelerating at a good pace, there are still people who are reluctant to pay any amount.

That is why it is necessary to be willing to negotiate the price. And negotiating means agreeing on the two parties involved.

Whether you work in the residential sector or if you are a real estate consultant, you have to keep in mind that negotiating is the key to achieving the success of the operation.

Beyond expert advisory tasks

We want to emphasize that the real estate consultant career is not exempt from the work that the classic concept of agent develops daily.

That is, you must add to the functions that we have mentioned, those that are traditionally known as real estate agent functions, namely:

  • Generation of business contacts.
  • Collection of real estate.
  • Pricing and pricing.
  • Advertisement of the properties in the best real estate portals .
  • Management of interested calls.
  • Visits to the properties.
  • Preparation of contracts and negotiation with interested parties.
  • Closing of the sale and signing of the contracts.

Logically, depending on the real estate agency you work for, more or less tasks will fall upon you from this long list of functions. It will not be the same to work for an important international real estate consultancy than for one of the best real estate franchises or for a smaller company locally.

Association of Real Estate Consultants – ACI

In addition to all the functions that real estate consultants fulfill, we want to inform you that there is an agency that gives them coverage. It is the Association of Real Estate Consultants – ACI.

Among its functions is the group of professionals and companies that offer real estate strategic consulting among their services. It was founded in 2013 with the objective of defending the interests of its members, in addition to defending the standards of the profession and offering support to its members. If you want more information about the association

Services Companies with Real Estate Consultants

If what you are looking for are companies where they have real estate consultants, we have selected a couple of companies for you:

Real Estate Consultants Forum

What happens to those who work directly with the promoter?  Real Estate Consultants offers this type of services and covers the three stages of marketing new housing developments as real estate consultants.

During the planning phase the company works on the positioning of the project, defining the promotion class and the price, in addition to the sales strategy and the media plan that will allow the housing to be promoted.

During the commercialization phase, they are in charge of the training of the teams in charge of the sales force, as well as the commercial management and the necessary administrative procedures.

And finally, in the post-sale phase they are in charge of the classic tasks of the real estate agent, such as the signing of contracts and the delivery of the keys, in addition to the accompaniment of the client throughout the phase.

Real estate consultant: skymarketing consulting

If what you are looking for is a professional real estate consultant to advise you about something.


The job of a real estate consultant is basically the same as that of 10 years ago.

The only difference is that the client demands an advice that implies a deep knowledge of both the market and the contemporary areas that affect an operation of these characteristics.

That is, the customer wants to buy or sell, but does not have to know about taxes, legislation, mortgages or market prices.

Your mission as a consultant will be to advise you in these areas, as it is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life.

To be able to offer this advice, you must train. Take a real estate consultant course from time to time to be updated.

What other functions of the real estate consultant would you add to this list? We wait for you, as always, in the comments.

Author: Manuel Schmidt